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Fire Safety Advisor Services

Fire safety advisor

Occupiers of high occupancy buildings are required to appoint and train a Fire Safety Advisor. Advantage Safety has licensed staff to act as your Fire Safety Advisor. They are dedicated specialists who are able to ensure that all your legislative requirements are met with regard to Building Fire Safety. We can also design and install evacuation diagrams and conduct evaction practices on your behalf.

Audits, inspections and compliance testing

Regular fire maintenance is important to ensure essential items such as fire safety equipment is fully functional. Advantage Safety can provide a comprehensive report of all fire assets to ensure full compliance with all industry standards and government regulations in Australia.

Fire safety and training for staff

Organisations have a responsibility to ensure their general staff members understand the safety risks within the workplace and to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle a potentially dangerous situation. High quality training can prepare staff by enabling them to prevent or safely respond to emergency situations.

Advantage Safety can also train your to ECO (Emergency Control Organisation) staff to become Fire Wardens, Chief Wardens, Deputy Wardens, etc. Legislation requires that this be undertaken within 12 months of appointing staff to these roles.

Evacuation plans

The building owner and /or occupier have obligations to provide information on emergency procedures and facilities to all staff, visitors and contractors within 30 days of employment. Such information will aid in their evacuation of the premises and the identification of any other hazards.The emergency evacuation plans and diagrams show evacuation routes, the location of fire fighting appliances and other significant information. Advantage Safety can produce these diagrams, procedures and all other fire and emergency related planning in compliance with the requirements of the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.

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