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Audiometry Assesments

Mobile onsite audiometric testing at a time to suit you!

The WHS Regulations in each state specify that all employees required to wear hearing protection
must have audiometric testing at least every two years and within three months of employment.

The WHS Regulations in each state specify that all employees required to wear hearing protection must have audiometric testing at least every two years and within three months of employment.


Advantage Safety & Risk Management Services provides onsite audiometric testing in your workplace in a carefully selected quiet room or in our mobile unit. We perform multi-octave noise monitoring to select the correct testing location - meeting all of the requirements of the relevant authorities in each state.

We are able to cover all shifts and locations (metropolitan or remote) with a minimum of fuss and our efficiency ensures a minimum amount of downtime for your company. For clients with their own testing facilities but not enough time, we can provide fully trained staff to conduct your audiometric testing for you.

All Audiometric testing undertaken by Advantage Safety & Risk Management Services is conducted according to the strict procedural guidelines of AS/NZS 1269.4 and the NAL80 Criteria for the reporting of hearing loss.

Our services include:

Pre-employment or on-employment onsite screening (reference tests) of all potential employees
Providing hearing tests for employees before they start work or within three months of employment ensures that there are no preexisting hearing conditions that will need medical attention or intervention later down the track.

Biennial monitoring of your workforce
We will notify you in advance of the scheduled mandatory two yearly monitoring hearing tests so you can schedule shifts/rosters in advance - minimising disruption to your business.

Workplace hearing tests and spot screening on worksites
As well as systematic hearing tests, we implement random spot testing to ensure no cases of hearing damage go undetected.

Injury and hearing-loss prevention recommendations
We provide practical advice to employees and managers on how to actively care for their own hearing health – such as wearing protective equipment and limiting exposure to loud environments whenever possible. As a leading OHS Consulting company in Queensland, Advantage Safety & Risk Management Services is also well placed to provide workplace noise surveys, risk assessments and noise management plans. We commit to providing any and all assistance to identify potential causes of noise induced hearing loss and the practical control measures to help you manage noise exposure issues in your workplace. Should your organisation require additional assistance, we can perform a noise survey of your workplace when we arrive to perform your workers' hearing tests.

Immediate reporting on individuals
Our reporting system is efficient and thorough, so you’ll always have an up to date record of the audiometric health of your workplace. Advantage Safety & Risk Management Services also gives you access to a national network of audiologists, so if needed, you can give your employees the best treatment post-injury or deterioration. Audiometric assessment reporting will include:
• A copy of the Audiogram to the employee - explaining the results and providing a copy of the test.
• An authorisation form to be signed by the worker, permitting Advantage Safety & Risk Management services to release a copy of the Audiogram to the employer.
• A report for the OH&S professional who is representing the employer. This alphabetical listing of all tests includes hearing loss and indicates if any further action such as a medical or audiological examination is necessary.

Long term sampling and reporting, which shows any deterioration in the hearing of employees
We handle the ongoing reporting and analysis, monitoring changes over time and flagging any potential cases before they become a concern.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss audiometric testing for your workplace.

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